Bradenton Herald: This Manatee County business is joining the fight against terrorism

Trace Eye-D president, Chris Baden, recently sat down with the Bradenton Herald to share his insight on the company’s revolutionary trace detection systems and manufacturing tooling. The feature story focuses on Trace Eye-D’s product capabilities and ambitious targeted growth for 2018.

The latest technology in preventing terrorists from setting off explosives and taking the lives of innocent civilians is being developed – and soon produced – in Manatee County.

Trace Eye-D is a start-up, veteran-owned security development company with a focus on counter terrorism that has developed the science to detect explosive material traces with their patented chemical mixtures. The chemicals are infused into an easy-to-use wipe and can reveal the presence of explosive materials almost instantaneously… READ MORE

Demonstration at SCF focuses on product that detects explosives

Photo Credit: Grier Ferguson, Florida Business Observer

Risk Factor: Trace Eye-D featured in the Business Observer

Trace Eye-D and it’s founders were the subject of a recent company profile by the Business Observer, a weekly newspaper for business leaders across Florida. The article offers an inside look to the inception of Trace Eye-D’s trace explosive detection technology to the company’s journey as a startup.

It all started in Paris.

The 2015 City of Light attacks involved terrorists at multiple locations using assault weapons and explosives to harm civilians. Watching news footage of the attacks, Barry Gorski had an idea.

He wanted to help develop a product that could quickly test for the presence of explosives made with peroxide, an ingredient in some homemade bombs. Gorski shared his thoughts with Chris Baden, a Bradenton resident whom he had worked with on past entrepreneurial projects involving vehicle-mounted power and security technology… READ MORE

Florida threat detection startup named one of the top innovative companies in Tampa

TAMPA, Fla. – Trace Eye-D, a South Florida security technology company, will be featured in Innovate Tampa Bay 2017, a 350-page publication focusing on 170 startup organizations that are helping to build a better Tampa Bay.

Innovate Tampa Bay is a bi-annual publication put out by GLOBAL VILLAGE.WOLRD, a company dedicated to connecting minds and building communities by showcasing the success stories of cities and business around the world. This will be the company’s first volume of Innovate Tampa Bay.

Over 5,000 copies of the publication are distributed to key people of influence in the featured organization’s networks and are available for purchase at The Innovate Tampa Bay 2017 edition is projected to be the most successful publication in the company’s history.

Global Village is scheduled to host a book launch party on Tuesday from 5:30-9:30 p.m. at Jackson’s Bistro located at 601 South Harbour Island Boulevard in Tampa. Major icons, entrepreneurs and innovators that help make the Tampa Bay region the ultimate place to live, work and play, are scheduled to attend the event.

“Our entire team at Trace Eye-D is thrilled to be featured in the inaugural Innovate Tampa Bay publication, and we hope our success story will encourage other new businesses to make the Tampa Bay area their home.” said Chris Baden, president, of Trace Eye-D. “We attribute much of our success to the support of our community and are committed to helping foster the culture of innovation in the Tampa Bay area.”

Sven Boermeester, the owner and international group publisher of Global Village, has published over 170 books around the world, including the U.S., EU, Africa, Asia and Arabia. Innovate Tampa Bay is now the third publication for the Tampa area, others include Best of Tampa and Tampa Bay do it, live it, love it.

“Tampa Bay is a region where people flock to dream, create, build and play,” said Boermeester. “I was inspired to create this book by a call to action from the Innovation Summit held in Tampa Bay. Leading stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem all expressed the need for the innovation ecosystem of Tampa Bay to be showcased and united to grow the Tampa Bay economy. This will be an event to remember.”

About Trace Eye-D

Trace Eye-D is a security and instant explosive threat detection company headquartered in Bradenton, Florida with a research facility in Sarasota. The technology developed by Trace Eye-D is designed to equip military, law enforcement agencies and other security providers with solutions for counter-terrorism operations and threat interdiction.

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Trace Eye-D team eyes Defense and Security Equipment International

SARASOTA, Fla. –Trace Eye-D, a South Florida security technology startup, has boots on the ground at the Defense and Security Equipment International conference and exhibition in London this week.

Trace Eye-D business development partner, David Sykes, is in attendance for the five-day event, held annually from Sept. 11-15. Sykes will be on the ground browsing exhibition booths and sharing new developments about Trace Eye-D’s instant explosive threat detection products with his network of colleagues.

DSEI is the world leading event for the global defense and security sector, which brings together private sector companies, industry professionals, international military personnel and world leaders to share innovations and knowledge. Over 34,000 people are expected to attend DSEI 2017, which hosts five key sector-focused zones. This year’s zones include air, land, naval, security and joint, all showcasing the latest innovative equipment and systems.

The event kicked off on Sept. 11 with a series of strategic conferences and keynote speakers, which are followed by a main exhibition and free seminar program from Sept. 12-15.

About Trace Eye-D

Trace Eye-D is a research and development company headquartered in Bradenton, Florida with a research facility in Sarasota. The technology developed by Trace Eye-D is designed to equip military, law enforcement agencies and other security providers with solutions for counter-terrorism operations and threat interdiction.

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New patent to save lives, improve mass transit security, public events

TAMPA Fla. – Trace Eye-D, a technology research and development startup in Florida, filed a patent application revealing a new technology late last year, which is designed to detect and identify explosive compounds quickly and easily.

The new technology was developed over the course of two years at the company’s Sarasota, Florida patentfacility and is capable of chemically detecting the presence or absence of an explosive substance on a surface within seconds.

Leaders from Trace Eye-D believe the technology is a significant breakthrough in the fight against domestic terrorism because it gives law enforcement and security personnel the ability to rapidly screen areas or individuals for explosive materials, without the need for additional equipment.

“There is a major need for convenient and accurate on-site detection systems that are able to rapidly detect explosive compounds and their precursors,” said Chris Baden, CEO of Trace Eye-D. “The technology we have created is a critical step forward and when adopted can create an extra layer of security for systems already in place.”

Researchers from Trace Eye-D believe the new detection technology is ideal for use by security screeners at airports, public transit hubs, entertainment and sports venues, and any public or private venue where there may be a threat.

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