What substances can Trace Eye-D products detect?
Our current products target 3 categories of illicit drugs and 5 categories of explosive compounds.
What products does Trace Eye-D offer?
Our products range in their detection from fentanyl to homemade explosives (HME).
How to use drug detection wipes?
Simplicity and ease of use define our products. Just “open, wipe, and look” at the color reaction if a target substance is present. It’s that easy.
How to use explosive wipes?
Our explosive detection product line works in the same manner as our drug detection products. Just open, wipe and look. If there’s no reaction, you can be confident the substances our products detect are not present.
Is it possible to receive a false positive?
Colorimetric chemistry is the science behind our products. It’s been around for a very long time and has important uses in many areas of modern civilization from pregnancy testing to food safety. False positives are possible with any colorimetric application.
Is it possible to receive a false negative?
Our products are extremely reliable and have excellent sensitivity, however, it is possible that in testing a substance, surface or object that the area tested may not have trace in that specific spot. If the substance does not come in direct contact with the wipe, no reaction will be observed.
How can I place a bulk order for my organization?
You can call us direct contact one of our product specialists through our website and receive excellent and immediate service.
Can I place a PO order?
We offer open billing accounts to all public agencies and to private organizations upon approval of credit after review.
Are Trace Eye-D products available to individuals?
Yes. We make our drug detection products available to the consumer market through Amazon.
Are Trace Eye-D products available in stores?
We are currently only available to the public through Amazon and our marketing partners but we are developing outlets with major retailers.
Can I sign my organization up for a subscription service?
Yes. We will work with your organization to tailor a subscription plan that meets your needs and will keep your personnel supplied and reduce the time and expense required for constant reorders. Contact one of our product sales specialists to learn more.
Where are Trace Eye-D products manufactured?
Trace Eye-D’s operations are based in Sarasota, Florida.
Is international shipping available?
Yes. Trace Eye-D can ship to any non-prohibited country with special consideration and advantages in the European Union, UK, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.
What types of organizations use Trace Eye-D products?
We serve both public and private organizations. The growing dangers of illicit and dangerous substances have established our products as an important resource for businesses and government agencies across the board.
Where can I follow Trace Eye-D content online?
Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram and YouTube. We are active sponsors with www.police1.com and https://policek9training.net/podcast . Consider sighing up for our newsletter at this link.
Are you products legally acceptable for use by law enforcement?
Yes. We partner with many law enforcement agencies and our products are considered legally compliant with federal standards - National Institute of Justice Standard 0604.01