Trace Eye-D is a security products developer and manufacturing company headquartered in Manatee County, Florida, with its laboratory and production facility in nearby Sarasota. Our technology is designed to equip, law enforcement agencies and other security providers with solutions for drug enforcement, counter-terrorism operations and threat detection. All Trace Eye-D products are manufactured in the USA, using the highest quality industry standards.

We are developers and manufacturers of patented colorimetric chemical wipe products for instant detection of  surface drug and explosive trace.

Our goal is to address growing public and private security and safety needs. Each day we strive to develop innovative solutions that can save lives.

Our mission is to make the world a safer place.


Chris Baden, Founder, CEO

  • An experienced CEO and business owner with more the 17 years in the technology industry.
  • Owned and operated ventures in real estate, construction and hospitality.

Barry Gorski, Director of R & D

  • A decorated USMC combat veteran served two-tours Viet Nam.
  • 25 years in industrial engineering and high-speed packaging also holds an Electrical Engineering degree from University of Florida.

Dr. Charles Arant

  • CEO of TNARA a military contracting services provider

Dr. Susan Hallowell, PhD Science Advisor, Analytical Chemist

  • A retired senior scientist for US Government Chemical, Biological, Radiological Nuclear and Explosives (CBRNe) programs for 40 years.
  • Senior leadership positions at TSA Science and Technology Laboratories (12 years), DHS and FAA. Volunteer Advisory Board

Dr. Kelley Williams, US Army MAJ (Ret.), WMD/CBRNe Scientist

  • HazMat scientist with over 16 years’ experience in CWMD response, emergency management, and forensic analysis.
  • Provides CWMD technical support to US Secret Service, FBI Stabilization and Hazardous Evidence Response Teams, USSOCOM-JSOTF, US Department of State, and WMD-Civil Support Teams.

Brian Lisankie

  • North American President of Aimpoint Manufacturing


Trace Eye-D belongs to the Florida Sheriffs Association and the Florida Police Chiefs Association because it is a company that produces high-quality detection products specifically for law enforcement agencies and the military. These products are essential for the safety and security of the officers and the community they serve. By being a member of these organizations, Trace Eye-D is able to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and needs of law enforcement agencies and provide the best possible products to meet those needs. Additionally, Trace Eye-D is proud to manufacture all of its products in the USA, supporting local jobs and the economy.