Trace Eye-D Launches New Product Technology at Australia Land Forces Expo 2021

Brisbane – Trace Eye-D announced it has launched its line of innovative products for the detection of explosive trace recently at the Land Forces Expo 2021 in Brisbane, Australia. The company’s presence at the event was made possible through the distribution agreement it has entered into with Omega Dev Group, an Australian veteran owned company headquartered in Sydney, New South Wales, that serves military and first responders. Trace Eye-D has developed a unique and simplified “soft-pouch” approach to detecting explosive surface trace and has secured numerous US patents and trademarks to position itself for international success.  “We’ve invested considerably in our IP and are continuing to innovate solving real-world problems through smart chemistry and engineering” according to Chris Baden, the company’s CEO.  Baden went on to say the response from this major industry show in Brisbane suggests the technology is going to be well received by the services and he expects to see strong growth for 2021 in the Australia market with its channel partner Omega Dev Group.

Demonstration at SCF focuses on product that detects explosives

By Rick Adams | November 14, 2018 at 10:00 PM EST – Updated November 15 at 9:54 AM
SARASOTA (WWSB) – It was somewhat of an explosive demonstration today at the State College of Florida. The Trace Eye-D company had shown students the powerful impact from just a very small amount of chemical in an explosive. More importantly the Sarasota-based company is showcasing how their product can detect explosives.  Get the full story here


New patent to save lives, improve mass transit security, public events

TAMPA Fla. – Trace Eye-D, a technology research and development startup in Florida, filed a patent application revealing a new technology late last year, which is designed to detect and identify explosive compounds quickly and easily.

The new technology was developed over the course of two years at the company’s Sarasota, Florida patentfacility and is capable of chemically detecting the presence or absence of an explosive substance on a surface within seconds.

Leaders from Trace Eye-D believe the technology is a significant breakthrough in the fight against domestic terrorism because it gives law enforcement and security personnel the ability to rapidly screen areas or individuals for explosive materials, without the need for additional equipment.

“There is a major need for convenient and accurate on-site detection systems that are able to rapidly detect explosive compounds and their precursors,” said Chris Baden, CEO of Trace Eye-D. “The technology we have created is a critical step forward and when adopted can create an extra layer of security for systems already in place.”

Researchers from Trace Eye-D believe the new detection technology is ideal for use by security screeners at airports, public transit hubs, entertainment and sports venues, and any public or private venue where there may be a threat.

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